Concentrates, Inc.–I Love This Place!

If you are looking for a store that has very reasonable prices on organic items such as garden fertilizer ingredients, soil amendments, wild bird food, chicken food, food for goats and a host of other items, you will not want to miss Concentrates, Inc., located at 2613 SE 8th Avenue in Portland.  They are actually planning to move to a new location soon, so go visit them soon before they move.  You can see their price list online, and it lists every item they carry and the sizes.  Larger sizes tend to offer the best prices–I went nuts today for black oil sunflower seed for my bird feeders!  They were friendly and had great customer service as well–they were quite knowledgeable about Steve Solomon’s homemade fertilizer, for example, as well as local soil conditions.  A heads up–they are currently only open during the week, so don’t head out there on a weekend.

Check them out–you’ll be glad you did if you are a gardener or wild bird feeder/enthusiast or an owner of chickens or other livestock!

Happy Hot Fourth of July!

Enjoy the festivities tonight!  It is going up into the nineties for a third straight day here, so I’ve been going out and watering early.  I still have planting to do, so will get as much done as possible before the heat drives me back inside.