The Hummingbird Diaries

I’ve launched a new project over at Minerva’s Garden website, and that is The Hummingbird Diaries! I have spent a lot of time making my garden hummer-friendly, and so at The Hummingbird Diaries page you will find all sorts of interesting facts about hummingbirds, plants that they like, how to provide them water and shelter, and how to attract them to your garden, too.

Stop on by and check out The Hummingbird Diaries!

Hail in May

I am sitting here listening to hail pound on the roof of the house. This too shall pass, but you never know when you will get a bit of cold weather around here late in the spring. The salad greens are safely still under plastic, so no harm done.

Fresh Salad Greens Are Ready!

On Saturday, we had our first Cesar Salads using salad greens from my new garden bed that I planted end of March! These were some of the fresh ingredients that went into the salad from that bed:
-‘Ruby Red’ Swiss Chard at the baby stage
-‘Tyee’ spinach
-red mustard greens
-green mustard greens

It was wonderful–if you haven’t tried growing salad greens, it’s really easy, so give it a try!