Planted More Basil Starts Yesterday

Gorgeous weather and I have to work, wouldn’t you know.  However, I eeked out a few minutes to run out and plant some more basil starts outside in containers late yesterday afternoon.  Also some coleus and lobelia starts into my flowering containers.  I always start those from seed because it’s too expensive to buy as many as I want to use (ie. lots), and they’re pretty easy to start from seed indoors under lights.  I especially like ‘Cambridge Blue’ lobelia, which is a sky blue color and so pretty when paired with other yellow-foliaged plants as well as dark burgundy ones, such as the coleus leaf color often provides.  I will try to work fast so I can get outside later and continue planting.

It was warm enough–around 74-76 degrees–yesterday and today that I uncovered all the plastic-covered veggi beds outside.  I’ve gotten germination on my new salad greens bed, and I am seeing some ‘Royal Burgundy’ bush beans and I think ‘Scarlet Emporer’ runner beans (I mixed some of the seed in the row, so I won’t know for sure until they get a bit bigger) germinating.  The Sugar Snap peas are now finally ready to pick and eat at the baby stage–absolutely sweet and delicious–(I know, I tasted some last night!)  I’m also seeing baby apples on my ‘Spitzenburg’ mini-dwarf apple tree that I grafted four years ago–this is the first time I am letting it produce fruit!  My ‘Einset’ grape that is growing up the side of the pergola in the backyard is covered this year for the first time in tiny grape clusters–I will need to thin these out a bit so the vine doesn’t get overwhelmed.  I also have an ‘Arbequina’ olive tree that is hardy down to 14 degrees that is covered with flower buds–we will see if it gets hot enough to actually produce any olives.  It produced a few last year.  This is another dwarf evergreen tree that will top out around 8-10 feet tall.  My Aronia berry shrub is also loaded with immature fruit as well.  I will try to add some pictures to this post later today if I have time.

If you are in Camas this afternoon, the Farmers’s Market is on downtown in front of the library from 3-7:30pm.  They had great cherries from Zillah last week, and are supposed to have fresh almonds this week, so check it out.  This will be the first market of the season with no rain–about time!