Indoor Spring Flowers

I’m super-busy right now so no time for a long and detailed gardening post.  Instead, I took a few pictures of plants that are flowering inside our home at the moment.  The amarylis is called “Appleblossom,” and the other picture shows three pelargonium, commonly and confusingly known as geraniums in bloom (there are plants that are true geraniums that are called hardy geraniums, and they will grow very well here outdoors), along with some assorted other amarylis that are hanging out in the southern-facing window and growing.  The pelargonium I like to winter over inside under lights, so that I have flowers inside even during the cold winter months.  I’ve tried leaving them planted outside both in the ground and in containers, and it just gets too cold here for them and they die, so inside they go in the fall before it freezes.  I then use them in my outdoor containers and hanging baskets in the late spring and summer months, so they get to go outside and play, so to speak.

Here they are:

And now a close-up . . .

The pelargonium and other amarylis not currently in bloom:

I have just the beginnings of tulips that are about ready to bloom outside, but just a few at this point.  The rain and cool weather continues on apace . . .

What’s new in your garden?  Do you have some indoor plants that are flowering now?  Let me know in the comments.


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