Corn Germinated Yesterday!

My corn seeds germinated yesterday, June 25th.  I planted this new variety for me called ‘Quickie’, from Territorial Seeds, on June 18th, so 7 days to germination from planting.  It is listed as a sugar enhanced hybrid that is supposed to be mature in only 64 days.  The seed packet says that it has 7 1/2 inch long ears of corn, and that the plants reach 4 1/2 feet tall.  This is a bed that I covered with plastic to help heat it up a bit, and that helped this seed germinate.  I will try to post a picture of this tomorrow.

What a gorgeous day it was here–I planted more basil, and just did some tidying of the garden.  I also sat in the pergola, sipped a glass of wine, and enjoyed the surroundings–I hope you were able to do the same somewhere in your garden!


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