Eating Fresh Salad Greens From The Garden

Just a quick update on the salad greens bed I put in on February 2nd–we ate our first salad from those greens last night for dinner!  So about five weeks from the time I put seeds in the ground until the time we could eat the greens–that is fast.  I have gobs of green mustard greens ready at a baby stage, and others coming along.  I double-covered the bed with plastic when it got cold a couple of weeks ago, and just left it on.  I don’t normally water the bed, because we’ve had so much rain and the water condenses on the inside of the plastic covering, so this, outside of getting the bed ready and planting, has been a very low-work project with good results.

I plan to get another salad greens bed planted this weekend, and need to prune and tie up climbing and rambling roses, and take a look at the raspberries and see what needs pruning and thinning out.  Weather should be sunny and nice, so I hope you get outside into your garden, too!


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