Chinese Witch Hazel ‘Arnold Promise’ Blooming!

This Chinese witch hazel, ‘Arnold Promise,’ Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise,’ is so pretty in bloom on bleak and gray January days.  The flowers look to me like tiny yellow spiderwebs, or silky yellow streamers.  Most years, we get a prolonged cold snap in December and January, which is when this large deciduous shrub is setting its buds, and it tends to blast the buds before they flower.  It was much warmer so far this winter, and thus the nice bloom.

I have read that this is a hummingbird plant, but will need to check on that.  Also, the leaves of this plant in the autumn are absolutely a gorgeous spun yellow color.

In my garden, I underplanted ‘Arnold’ with early flowering bulbs and perennials including purple grape hyacinths, ‘Tete-A-Tete’ minature narcisus, purple and yellow crocus, and a clump of white candytuft, Iberis Sempervirens.  These bulbs and perennials are not yet in bloom, but by the looks of things will be soon.

Here is a picture of ‘Arnold’:

This is more of a close-up of the flowers, but look at how nicely it is set off by the color grey of not only the sky but also the stone wall behind it.  Always give your flower beds a good backdrop, and the look of them will improve tremendously!

Please leave a comment–do you grow ‘Arnold’ in your garden or other types of witch hazel, and if so, what types of companion plants do you grow with it?


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