First Snowdrop Blooms

My snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis, are blooming outside!  The name of these tiny bulbs–Gala– refers to the appearance of the flower resembling a drop of milk.  They need to be planted in the fall where they will show up the best in your borders.  I like to place them near the fronts of walkways, because if it’s cold and I’m not spending a lot of time out in the garden, I will be walking into and out from the house on the walkways, so I will notice quite readily what is growing there. They also look great grouped around rocks placed artistically in the border, or used for edging the border.

Snowdrops bloom at approximately the same time as primroses and Jasminium nudifolium, Winter Jasmine, does in my garden, so a grouping of those three would make a nice winter vignette.  Slugs like them almost as much as I do, so an application of Sluggo on occasion may be in order.

You can pick some to display inside in a tiny vase.  I like to use tiny glass salt shakers with the shaker cap taken off for this purpose.  Place the vase on a square of mirror, because the flowers face downward, and the mirror will reflect their image, making it easier to see the intricate interior of these wonderful bulbs.

Please leave a comment–how have you used snowdrops in your garden or flower arrangements?


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