Perusing The Seed Catalogs

They have come in abundance–the early seed catalogs, filling my mind with possibilities for my upcoming gardening season.  There are several ways that I like to look through the catalogs:

1.  I like to look for my dependable favorite seeds, to make sure they are still available.

2.  I then like to look for new veggis that would count as a “short season” variety.  This is essentially what we have to work with over our fairly cool summers, so anything that is 30-56 or so days to maturity could be very successful here.

3.  Older catalogs I use with my scissors and tape on a piece of paper.  You can cut out the pictures of the plants you are planning on planting, and then make a rough outline of your garden beds, and tape the appropriate pictures to the designated beds where you want them to grow.  In this way, you can picture in advance what the beds will look like, and can make adjustments prior to doing the hard work of digging and planting.  This works well for both flowers and vegetable beds.

It’s supposed to get pretty rainy this weekend, so this would be a great activity for some armchair gardening!

Leave a comment, and let me know what seed varieties you’ll be planting this year!

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