Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is Winter Solstice, and very thankfully, from now on the days will be getting longer.  It can be a grey, damp and drear time of year, but Winter Solstice gives you something to look forward to if you are a gardener.  The story of solstice celebrations goes back to the Celts, who didn’t really understand about astronomy, yet the Druids did.  So the Druids, wanting to keep the power over the people, when the people were scared because the light in the sky was waning, said they could help them out.  On the solstice, the Druids would go up to the top of a mountain and set a tree on fire (which is where we get the Christmas tree with lights motif), and then after this ceremony the people noticed that the days started to get longer, and thus they were happy, the Druids were happy (and sneaky), and the days got longer.

We celebrate a gardener’s solstice with greenery adorning the house, and a dinner of Northwest bounty, featuring a wonderful Louisiana gumbo with Dungeness crab and shrimp.  Good times!


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