A Use For English Laurel

Many homes in Clark County have English Laurel growing as a large hedge.   It does require extensive pruning to keep it somewhat in check, but now is a great time to use some of those prunings and turn them into holiday decorations for your home.

I like to use English Laurel, with its glossy leaves, as a perfect foliage foil for use in containers.  These containers live outdoors year round, and I like to dress them up a bit for the winter holidays, and this laurel does the job.  Just stick them in the dirt in the container in artistic clumps, add a ribbon if you wish, and you are done.

English laurel is also wonderful on the mantel of the fireplace.  The shiny leaves stay green for at least 3 weeks or more indoors.  Pair it with some prunings from  dwarf bamboo that has red foliage in the winter, and you are off to the races with natural decor that you can get for free from your abundant garden.  Add some pinecones for a wonderful display of holiday cheer!


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