Hot Hot Weather Demands Action From The Gardener

With temperatures over 100 degrees the last few days, I have had to take extra measures to keep my newly planted seed beds and salad greens beds alive.  What that means is watering those beds 2-3 times a day.  It was so hot that many of the seeds just shut down, but now that it’s cooled off to the 90s and upper 80s, they are starting to germinate.

Others of the plants in the garden loved the hot nighttime temperatures, particularly the ‘Green Slam’ cucumbers, ‘Nadia’ and ‘Casper’ eggplant, and ‘Whitney’ sweet peppers, plus the ‘Rouge Vif d’Entemps’ , or Cinderella, pumpkin.  They all shot up in the warm weather, so that was great.

Lots of flowers on the cukes, and lots of flowers and green tomatoes, but still a little while until they are ripe to eat.  We are enjoying lovely salads nearly everyday from the garden, as well as a sampling of blueberries, raspberries, marionberries, aronia berries and a few strawberries.


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